How can I use a wiki in my classroom?

A wiki is a great online platform to display your students' work online or to collect information about the topics your students are exploring.

  • Research papers - Science, History, Math...etc.
  • Poetry
  • Personal Profiles
  • Information
  • Photographs
  • The possibilities are endless

What is a wiki?
Here is a great overview video

Examples of teachers using wikis in the classroom:

Wiki Software Platforms or Wiki Engines
Free, open source software, used by Wikipedia, this is nearly a 44 MB wiki software packages available in more than 300 languages.
Highly customizable templates which require no databases. All data is stored in plain text files. Very popular way to document information.
Another very popular wiki software.
Free, lightweight wiki software.
Twiki is a flexible, powerful and easy to use wiki collaboration platform. Great for project development, knowledge data base. Users without programming skills can create web applications.
Wiki platform for developing collaborative web applications.
Web-based collaboration wiki software and mashup platform
Free, easy to use web development engine with surprising flexibility and power.It has the various strengths of a CMS, a wiki, a search engine, and more—all rolled together into a software system of ground-breaking design.
Zoho wiki is an intuitive, user friendly tool that allows you to build a website of your dreams, complete with pictures and multi-media content..Limit of 2 wikis per user
Free online platform which will allow you to create your own beautiful wiki on your own server. Wikia has more features than Zoho wiki in the headings. You can create categories and embed ad codes.