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General Resources
  • TPACK ( identifies digital learning tools which optimize traditional second language learning activities
  • ESL Video and FLE Video is a website that allows you to take a video, and create a quiz related to the language that your students are studying. It takes videos from YouTube.
  • Forvo is a pronunciation website for all the languages in the world. The goal is to help people properly pronounce words of a foreign language. Very helpful resource for students.
  • WordSteps is a place for people to learn foreign words and keep their vocabularies in fit condition. Here you can not only enrich your vocabulary, but you can also track your progress and recall the words you could forget.
  • Lingt Classroom helps people learn foreign languages in new and innovative ways. We believe that educational technology is most effective when it brings teachers and students together and we focus on building intuitive, extremely simple interfaces that are functional and elegant.
  • is an online destination for learning foreign languages. italki connects people from around the world in a friendly community to learn from each other. italki helps people meet online to do free language exchanges. italki also helps students connect with teachers for paid online lessons. In addition, italki has many free language learning features, such as questions and answers, group discussions, and multimedia materials for self-study.
  • Mango is a language learning program teaching practical conversation and cultural awareness for the world’s most popular languages. It’s the fun, easy and incredibly effective way for travelers of all kinds to learn to speak a foreign language.
  • Lingro is an online dictionary. You can type in a website address and it will make every word clickable. It will then provide the definition/translation for each word. This would be great for having students explore a foreign language website.
  • Nice Translator is a simple translator where you choose the language you want translated and then type it in the text box to get a simple translation.
  • Word Reference is a free online Dictionary for various foreign languages.
  • Lingus.TV is a television channel for the new generation devoted to teaching and disseminating languages, while taking advantage of all the social characteristics of the Internet.
  • Language Guides provides three types of resources to assist in learning a foreign language: Pictorial Vocabulary Guides, Interactive Readings, and Grammar Guides.
  • is another free online translation tool that students can use for assistance with translation of a foreign language. There are several languages that are available.
  • eType is your online multi-language dictionary with translations and word substitutes to virtually any language in the world. eType is your writing guide that auto-completes your words as you type them, enabling you to type faster and boost your level of confidence in your writing. eType prevents you from making spelling mistakes before they happen and helps you select the best word choice possible – even if you are not writing in your native language.
  • Busuu is an online language learning community. Learn languages online with interactive language courses and lessons. Connect with native speakers and people who want to learn the language(s) you speak. Download mobile apps to practice on your iDevices. Get access to Grammar Guides. Join the community for free.
  • BBC Languages provides free interactive audio-video courses in French, Spanish, Mandarin and a variety of other languages. Students can progress at their own pace and receive BBC certificates of completion after completing different levels.
  • Ideas and links to tech tools to help students learn pronunciation skills.

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