Resources for All Teachers

Apple Learning Interchange
Videos on various lessons for every subject, K-12.

**Awesome Stories**
Students and teachers can access hundreds of stories from history and current events, all peppered with links to primary resource material. The site is the passion of Carole Bos, a successful trial lawyer in Michigan, whose intellectual hobby has turned into a most amazing educational tool.

Edutopia - George Lucas Educational Foundation
One of the best sites on the Web for information and ideas about cutting-edge teaching and learning. There's an emphasis on technology, but the resources here go far beyond the tools. You'll find stories about innovative middle schools, videos that show ideas in action, interviews with experts, and whole sets of information around themes built around Edutopia's Core Concepts. You'll definitely want to explore this site -- it's worth a couple of hours!

Education World
Supported by advertising and corporate contributions, the Education World site just gets better and better -- it's both broad and deep, offering original material on important education topics, lesson plans and teaching ideas, a massive index to internet sites, and -- most important -- an energetic and innovative staff that continues to search for ways to best serve educators. This link leads to a site guide that will ease exploration of this large site.

FREE: Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
The FREE website, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, has survived several national administrations -- and that's saying something! It's an excellent repository of teacher resources and tools, offering content in categories like Arts & Music, Health & Physical Education, History & Social Studies, Language Arts, Math and Science. FREE draws on materials developed by federal museums and archive collections, educational materials developed via federal agencies and programs like the National Science Foundation, as well as selected resources from sites like Scholastic Inc., the Alliance for Climate Education and other non-profits. There's a a link listing new additions -- and, of course, a Twitter feed! for Teachers
Lesson plans, teaching tools, chat listservs, classroom customizers, a clip art gallery, a puzzle generator, and access to Kathy Shrock's famous collection of education weblinks in every imaginable category. Start with Shrock and explore out from there.

GEM: The Gateway to 21st Century Skills
The "Gateway to 21st Century Skills" evolved from the GEM project, an effort by the US Department of Education to create a central database or "catalog" of resources from federal, state, university, nonprofit, and commercial sites. The revitalized Catalog, now supported by the National Education Assocation, offers an easy way to explore more than 50,000 educational resources, using a sophisticated search engine similar to Google -- but with one big plus, detailed, coherent descriptions. Full text searches take a minute or two, so try a "Keywords" search first.

Microsoft Lesson Plans
Here are materials of interest to teachers, offered by both Apple and Microsoft. Both sites include lesson plans and other resources, often technology-oriented or web-based. We found the Microsoft materials to be more product-oriented, but they often included more details (including handouts, etc.). Both Apple and Microsoft include lesson plan search engines, and you can also search how-to articles at the Microsoft site. The Apple site includes a special section on the 21st Century High School. Apple site users can subscribe to RSS feeds that alert them when new material of interest is added.

PBS Teacher Source
Includes more than 1,000 free lesson plans (matched to standards), teacher guides and online activities. Begin by selecting your grade level on the menu bar at the top of the homepage. You'll find free webinar offerings, classroom activity packets, and highlights of upcoming PBS shows with classroom connections. Recent additions include a PBS Teacher Community (with discussion boards) and the Media Infusion blog, with teacher contributors.

Teachers.Net Gazette
Teachers Net Gazette is the major feature of a vast website created by and for educators. Each monthly issue of the Gazette (laid out in colorful newspaper style) offers major features by teachers and by authors like Harry Wong, Alfie Kohn, brain expert Eric P. Jensen, principal leader Todd R. Nelson and many more. The Gazette has gained new energy under the leadership of editor Kathleen Carpenter. Subscribers (it's free) receive regular email reminders of new content. One of this site's strongest assets is it's focus on material of importance to new and novice teachers.

We were listening in on a virtual teacher chat and someone mentioned the Thinkfinity website. "Fabulous!" exclaimed one middle grades teacher. "I go there all the time." A curriculum coach replied: "I always ask teachers who are searching for a different angle: 'Have you looked on Thinkfinity yet?'" Thinkfinity is an amalgam of the earlier Marco Polo and Thinkfinity Literacy Network sites and is now partnering with other stellar resources like Illuminations and Read/Write/Think. There's a super search engine, right on the homepage, and by dragging your cursor over the appropriate button, you can see the special offerings for Educators, Parents, Students, and Afterschool.