Cool Tools

Assessment - Polls - Surveys - Quizzes
Testmoz - A test Generator
ZoHo - Create Online Test
Kwiksurveys - Simple survey creation on the web
OneExtraLap - Social Quizzes
Quizinator - Online quizzes and test
Flisti - Online Poll Creation
Go Poll Go - Free Online Polls
Quiz Snack - Online Quizzes, polls, and surveys
Poll Mo - Simple Polls on the Web
WuFoo - Web Forms and Surveys
Class Marker - Online Quiz Creation
Kwik Surveys - Easy and quick creation of surveys on the web
One Extra Lap - Social Quizzing

Blogging Tools
Embedr - Video Playlist embedding tool.
Wowzio - Great Widgets for your blog - need to email for permission
EduTecher - Web 2.0 Websites for Education
21 Classes - Classroom and Education Blogs
Top 100 Technology Blogs for Teachers

Backchannel Chat
Todays Meet - BackChannel Chat
TypeWithMe - BackChannel Chat
TitanPad - BackChannel Chat
Primary Pad - BackChannel Chat

Cell Phone - Smart Phone
SCVNGR - A Cell Phone game creation tool
MicroMobs - Real Time Messaging for Groups
Text the Mob - Polling through Cell Phones
25 Free Essential iPhone Apps for Educators
iPhone Apps Spreadsheet
How the iPhone can Help you be a Better Teacher

Charts - Graphs - Diagrams - Lists
Chartle - Make Charts and Graphs online.
ListPhile - Create and Share List
Gliffy - Online Diagram Creation
To Simply Do - Online To Do List
Quicklyst - A website for taking notes
Simple Note - Take notes and sync with iPad
Knowcase - Fast and easy note organizer
Lovely Charts - Simple Chart Creation
Simple Diagrams - Just what it says
Popplet - Mind Map Software
Creately - Online collaborative diagram software

Collaboration (Bulletin Board, Whiteboard, and Documents)
Twiddla - Team Whiteboarding - Mind Map Creation site
Wallwisher - Online Cork Board
Doc Stoc - Create and Share Documents
Sync In - Document Collaboration
NotaPipe - Real Time Document Collaboration
The Fridge - Similar to Wallwisher - Easily share text and file
iDroo - Collaborative Whiteboard for Skype
Flock Draw - Collaborative Whiteboard
CoSketch - Online Whiteboard
Writeboard - Collaborative whiteboard with a twist - logs all changes.
Board 800 - Online Whiteboard
CrocoDoc - Online Document Collaboration

Comic and Cartoon Creation
Chogger - Online Comic Creation
Go Animate for Schools
Xtranormal - Turn text into Cartoons
Comic Master - Online Comic Book Creation
Fuzzwich - Cartoon creation
Toonlet - Simple and easy comic strip creation
Comic Brush - Comic Strip Creation
Make Beliefs Comics - Simple Comic Strip Creation
ToonDoo - Comic Strip and Book Creation

Digital Storytelling
Animoto - Digital Story Telling
PhotoPeach - Digital Story Telling with making a Quiz feature
Stupeflix - Digital Story Telling
Masher - Digital Story Telling
One True Media - Digital Story Telling
YouTellYou - Digital Story Telling in Magazine Form
Projeqt - Stories through a photo timeline
Kizoa - Online Slideshow Maker

File Sharing and File Conversion
Zamzar - File Conversion Site
YouConvertIt - File conversion
DROPitTOme - Securely receive files from DropBox - Online File Sharing, management, and collaboration - Simple File Sharing
AirDropper - Request a file from anyone
Minus - Simple Drag and Drop File Sharing

AllMyFaves - A great way to see what is the hottest links on the Web...There is even a section for Education.
Farr-Out Links to Learning - Great Web 2.0 Resources.
Stickr - Sticky Notes on the Web
Newspaper Clipping Image Generator
StoryJumper - Publish your own children's book
Creaza - All in One Tool for Digital Story Telling, Cartoon Creation, Audio Editor, and Mindmap tool
Print What You Like
Teen Chat Decoder - Learn those terms the use on their phones
MeeGenius - Read and follow along to tons of books for kids
Privnote - Send a note that will self destruct after being read
StickyBits - Tag Your World - Create UPC Code type stickers.
Crossword Puzzle Creation - Download
Post-it Notes for your Desktop - Download
Scattrbrain - Download a Desktop Based to do list
Pinterest Organize your interests! Need to be invited to join - email Kara Omori for an invite :)

Miscellaneous iDevice Apps:
iMotion HD - A free application that makes stop motion animation dead simple. Idea: Use it in class to complete a time lapsed lesson over time.
Just Dance 3 AutoDance - Heaps of fun for free. Simply record your friends doing stuff and the Autodance app will sync their movements to a choice of dance tracks. The app then pieces your actions together with the music to produce a unique dance video.
Pedometer - The best pedometer app with the ability to track steps via the accelerometer or GPS. It also incorporates a Heart Rate feature, pacer, calorie counter and playlist integration. A must have free app.

Photos and Pictures
Fotobabble - Make any photograph talk!
Shape Collage - Take pictures and make them into a collage
FlickrPoet - Insert Text, get pictures to match text
Photovisi - Online Collage creation
Troovi - Photo Sharing website
PicArtia - Create a Photo Mosaic
Picnik – Simple photo editing on the Web
Tripline - Share Trips using Photos and more
Drop Event - Online Photo Sharing
Dr. Pic - Free online Photo editing
Sumo Paint - Online Photo Editing
Wylio - When Google Images is blocked
Drop Gallery - Load, Sort, Save, and Share photos
Yogile - Easy photo sharing

Presentation Tools
SlideShare - A great place to find Power Points
Glogster - Online Poster Board
Ahead - Non-Linear Presentation Creation
Prezi - Non-Linear Presentation Creation
SlideRocket - Think of it as a Web-Based Power Point, but a lot more features
SimpleBooklet - No sign up need - get started creating a digital booklet
PreZentit - Create, share, and show presentations online
280 Slides - Online Slide Presentation creation
Magnoto - A combination of Wallwisher and Glogster
My Fake Wall - Create a fake Facebook Wall

Simple Website Creation
Runtly - One Page Website
CopyTaste - Simple Web Page Creation
Page Easy - Simple Web Page Creation - Simple Web Page Creation
Disposable Web Page - Create it and dispose of it - Simple web page creation - upload word/PDF documents too.
Jottit - Type it in, create a web page

Teacher/Classroom Resources
Online Stopwatch
Virtual Field Trips from Simple K-12
The Plagiarism Checker - You can upload a Word Document as well
One Word - One Word, So Little Time - Great website to fill time with students.
EduTecher - Also available as an iPhone App.
NextUp - Meeting Schedule Timer
Doodle - Easy Scheduling for Teachers
Paper Rater - Help with spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc

Twitter Tools
Instapaper - Great for saving webpages and links, especially from Twitter and Twitter Apps on the iPhone.

URL Shorteners/Organizers/Tools
bitly- url shortener
Link Bunch - Put your links together. - Link organizer and shortener
Multi URL - Organize and create one link for multiple URL's - Snip content from a website
BridgeURL - Link organizer and merger
Bounce - Collaborate on a website
WebChop - Chop up web pages

Video Chat
TokBox - Free Video Chat and Video Messaging
Voxopop - Video Message Boards
Chatterous - Group Chat via email, phone, and web
Skype in the Classroom
TinyChat - Simple video conferencing

94 Videos that will make you go Ohh, Ahh, Wow and other sayings.
Learn It In 5 - Tutorial Videos for Learning Web 2.0 Tools in 5 minutes
6 Recommendations for Using FLIP Video Cameras
100 Great Tech Talks for Educators
Common Craft - Great explanation of technology and other concepts
TechTrainingWheels - A Site with videos explaining technology tools
CNN Student News
Woopid - Video Tutorials
Next Vista - Learning Videos
MEEP - YouTube Toolbar for Internet Explorer
Boostcam - Disposable two way video chat
LiveStation - News stations from all over the world
Khan Academy - Tutorial videos for Science and Math
DragonTape - Create online video mix tapes
Jaycut - Online Video Editor
Video2MP3 - YouTube to MP3 converter
TubeChop - Chop up YouTube Videos and the sections you like.
EmbedPlus - Add various features to YouTube videos
Pixorial - Share videos

Vocabulary and Flashcards
Quizlet - Online Flashcard Creation
Memorize Now - A website to help you Memorize things.
Cramberry - Flashcard creation
Braineos - Online Flashcard Creation
Flashcard Machine - Create, Study, and Share online Flashcards
Wordia - Videos with real life definitions of vocabulary

Word Clouds
Wordle - Word Clouds
Tagxedo - Word Cloud Creation