What is a blog?

  • A blog is a website that acts as an online journal. It is a great place to post information and receive feedback from students.
  • Here is a great overview video

Uses in Education

  • Sharing classroom events and projects
  • Publishing writing and giving feedback
  • Hotseating (writing from another perspective)
  • Journaling the stages of inquiry
  • Recounting field trips
  • Encouraging higher level thinking
  • Reflecting
  • Sharing links & videos
  • Keeping parents informed
  • Professional Development - Sharing with teachers and reflections
  • How to Use Blogs in the Classroom - a list of 33 ways

Benefits of Blogging

  • Creates a learning community that is accessible outside of the classroom
  • Promotes independent learning
  • Encourages participation from all students especially those reluctant to participate in discussions
  • Provides an authentic real world audience
  • Enhances valuable computer, keyboarding, writing, spelling and grammatical skills
  • Instills pride in students work

LJA Blogs

Christina Hoe examples

Amy Burvall: Modern World History TOK (Theory of Knowledge)
TOK 2013 students
Kristin Trout
Keiki Chinese
LS Art
MS & HS Library

Elementary Blogs

Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog - 3rd grade blog, winner of edublogs award
The Skinny - Classroom blog 5th grade
Mrs. Tool and Mr. Wagner's Blog- Kindergarten class blog
Room 23 Learning Log - Information about the class projects
Write On - 5th grade class blog
The Brainwaves - 2ng grade blog with many international connections
First Grade Blog - Classroom information and displays of student work
Meadowbank Room 23 Writing - 2nd year writing blog
Mrs. Chow - Elementary blog, inquiry units
Caterpillar Diary - Elementary students

Chinese Blogs

Mr. Kwan - Blog in Chinese
Spanish Blog - spanish language tutorials

Math Blogs

Grade 7 Math Blogorama
Algebra Teacher
Honors Algebra Blog
Algebra 2 Blog
It's OK to like Math - Algebra Blog
Math Blog - Students post answers to math problems
Future of Math - information about math blogs

Language Arts Blogs

Room 231 - Awesome writing blog with individual student blogs
Intermediate English Class - blog with student comments to reflection questions, nominated for an award
Reading Response Blog
A Really Different Place - student writing blogs
7th grade blog - teacher and student blog
English Corner - 7th grade Lang A class & student blogs
The Electronic Pencil - 6th grade blog, includes project on "Three Cups of Tea"
Tell the Raven - 6th grade students' writing blog
7th grade Language Arts - Book reviews
Honors Language Arts - Writing and reflections
The Write Weblog - Example of a teacher using blogs - she has a link to each students blog on the left side
The Secret Life of Bees - A class that blogged with the author Sue Monk Kidd about her book


Randy Scherer- High School Humanities teacher at High Tech High - great examples of writing prompts for students

Library Blogs

HMS Library - book reviews by students
Voices from the Inglehook - Library news and updates
Blossomwood Library - student book reviews
Senn Library - HS Library news and information
Library Blog Directory

Links to Education Blogs

Support Blogging - List of educational blogs

Blogging Information

Excellent Sources for Teacher Tips for Blogging Projects, Blogging Project Checklist, Leaving Good Blog Comments

Teacher Reflections on Blogging

Jonathon's Blog - Reflection on blogging in the elementary classroom