What is Atomic Learning?
*an online, user-friendly technology training tool and professional development tool for educators and their students.

What do I need to start?
*Internet connection
*login and password (since the school pays for this service)
To log in, go to www.atomiclearning.com
Ask Diane how to log in to our school account.
*working computer speakers (headphones optional)

What is the e-portfolio?
*This feature lets users build a digital portfolio to showcase projects that demonstrate the success of their tech training

How will the "21st Century Skills" projects help me?
*Atomic Learning provides creative and easy-to-follow project ideas for incorporating 21st century skills into your curriculum (subject and topic-specific)
Above: case study of professional development using Atomic Learning

How will the "Tech Integration" projects help me?
The site says "you don't have to be a software expert to incorporate technology into your lesson plans"...yeah! Now what?
*Each project offered gives step-by-step tutorials and downloadable resources.
*Search by grade, subject, or tech application (like "Photoshop").
*Exemplars are included!

How long will it take me to learn something?
*The beauty of Atomic Learning is that it is broken up into very specific 1-2 minute video clips that literally show you the computer screen and what to do while the instructor is speaking. Play them as many times as you like!

Will it help if I just need a refresher course?
*YES! Did you forget how to do one little thing with your Smartboard, or how to erase a pimple in Photoshop, or how to change your voice in Audacity? This tool is perfect for targeting the one or two things you need help with.

Can my students use this independently? What if I don't really want to "teach" the skill, but I need them to use it for a project?
*That is the great part about Atomic Learning. Students pick technology up more quickly than teachers...set them loose with their passwords and they can use the tutorials to be independent learners!

Download a list of Tech Integration Projects offered by Atomic Learning (all are capable of being modified)