Welcome to Le Jardin Academy's Tech Integration Wiki!

We believe that:
- engaged, passionate students and teachers are the keys to effective learning
- technology has the potential to:
  • enrich, enhance and extend learning
  • foster in-depth, continuous inquiry
  • enable dynamic connectivity, communication, and collaboration
  • inspire critical thinking, innovation, and creativity
  • give all members of the school community a unique, powerful, authentic voice!

We also believe that:
- great learning can happen with or without technology
- technology should only be integrated into the teaching and learning process when it promotes more engagement, learning and creativity
- technology use needs to be balanced with dynamic, person-to-person interaction and communication
- all members of the Le Jardin learning community need to understand and model respectful, responsible, and ethical uses of technology in academic, social and personal contexts

Through this wiki, you will find information about and links to web-based teaching and learning resources.
See links at left for pages related to different subject areas, grade levels and tech tools.

We welcome your contributions towards making this site a useful resource for learning! Please join!