21st Century Education

There are many great resources about how societal and technological changes are necessitating a radical evolution (some say "revolution") in teaching and learning objectives and strategies. The following articles and videos are among the most accessed and cited. They emphasize the importance of technology and real world application of learning in the classroom. If we are to equip students with the tools to succeed in the 21st century world market, we need to learn all we can about the changing educational paradigm.

1- The 21st Century Skills Teachers Should Have

2- The 21st Century Teaching Tips for Educators

3- The 21st Century Pedagogy in Teaching

4- The 21st Century Letter to Education

5- Mobile Learning The Next Trend in Education

6- Bloom's Taxonomy: The 21st Century Version

7- How Internet is Revolutionizing and Shaping The 21st Century Education

8- PBL- The Best Teaching Method in The 21st Century Instruction

9- The Digitised Version of Alphabets


Sir Ken Robinson: Schools Kill Creativity, Changing Education Paradigms, Bring on the Learning Revolution

Adora Svitak (MS student): Teaching Teachers about Blogging,
Teaching 2nd and 3rd graders about money,